Singer 911
12/03/2011 03:45 - admin



The Porsche 911 began its sports car reign back in 1963 and has sprouted many different generations with various improvements and advances with each one that passes. As you may know, the first three generations of the 911 used an air cooled engine, ending with the 996 series in 1998. Singer Vehicle Design saw benefits in the use of an air-cooled engine, so much so that they decided to build their own modern interpretation of the early performance-focused 911.

As many enthusiasts and more importantly purists understand about Porsche is the legacy that each car leaves. Recent history has been tough on these people with the introduction of so many new models and new ideas into the company that they love. The 996 model saw the air-cooled Porsche engine disappear in favor of a more conventional unit. This was blasphemy for most die-hard fans and they found it hard to understand why Porsche needed to do such a thing in order to make the 911 better. Sadly, it was not so much about making the car better, the 993 Turbo was amazing, but rather about appealing to a larger crowd so the company could stay solvent and sell more cars.[...]

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