BMW Z4 'White Flame' by MWDesign
10/03/2011 06:02 - admin



After their last one-off project - the golf club-inspired BMW Z4 ?Slingshot?, which received great acclaim - it seemed like it was just a matter of time before the people of MWDesign Technik would return for yet another tasty dishing of a one-off BMW Z4.

Apparently, these guys are true to their word.

Inspired by the work done on the Slingshot Z4, a client of MWDesign requested the tuning firm to work their magic on his brand new BMW Z4. Not one to turn down an opportunity, the boys from MWDesign took the offer and began working their magic.

Just like the ?Slingshot? Z4, the BMW Z4 ?White Flame? draws inspiration from another golf club, the Taylormade R-11 driver. In designing the car, MW Design made sure that it translated some of the key design cues and coloration of the club into the car. Seeing as the R-11 features a white, red, and gray theme, MWDesign decided to put in the same color scheme in the Z4, albeit in a subtle fashion to maintain the car?s sleek and clean look.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning