Porsche Cayenne by FAB Design
09/03/2011 03:39 - admin



Speaking in terms of popularity, no SUV has been subjected to aftermarket modifications quite as often as the Porsche Cayenne. Somehow, there?s something about this SUV that draws tuning companies from all over the world to it similar to how a moth gets drawn to a flame.

But unlike the unfortunate moth that gets burned when it comes too close to the flame, the Porsche Cayenne has reaped the benefits of all these modifications, so much so that it?s hardly surprising anymore if a new tuner comes out and introduces their new package for the SUV. This is where we find ourselves after FAB Design released a new bodykit conversion for the Cayenne, one that features a strong dose of aggressive aesthetics and aerodynamic improvements. Among the modifications FAB Design gave the Cayenne includes a new front spoiler with larger air intakes, a new and vented engine bonnet, new side skirts, wider fenders, a retooled rear bumper that comes with an integrated diffuser, four trapezoidal tailpipes along, plenty of carbon fiber to go around, and a set of 22? multi-piece double-spoke forged alloy wheels. The interior also gets dressed up with carbon fiber inlays, Alcantara and leather trims, and aluminum applications.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning