Brabus 700 Biturbo Mercedes SLS AMG
03/03/2011 04:00 - admin



The Geneva Motor Show is now upon us, and just as the sun is bright and the wintertime is as cold as the other side of the clouds, German tuning firm, Brabus, has finally unveiled their tuned-up SLS AMG masterpiece.

Calling it the BiTurbo 700, which was taken after the performance upgrades done on the car, Brabus seems to have done its homework quite well with their work on the Mercedes supercar. Not only does the car generate more power than the stock SLS AMG, it also has plenty of aerodynamic upgrades that make the car look sportier and far more aggressive. Brabus also did well for themselves in giving the SLS a matte gray exterior finish, adding style and class to an already sporty and powerful machine.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning