Mercedes SLS AMG "Hamann Hawk" by Hamann
28/02/2011 22:22 - admin



About a year ago, noted tuning firm, Hamann, took the task of tuning up a Mercedes SLS AMG. This was no small feat considering the car is probably one of the finest that Mercedes has come out with in recent times. The work done on Hamann’s first tuning package of the SLS AMG caught a lot of people’s attention, but if you really want a showstopping work by Hamann, their second go-around knocks the first one on its butt.

Called the "Hamann Hawk", Hamann’s latest upgrade of the SLS AMG is nothing short of stunning. The car looks a lot fresher yet is more aggressively detailed, looking the part of a golden thoroughbred from Stuttgart, Germany. Even better than that is the fact that there’s plenty of carbon fiber treatment given to the SLS AMG, and when you combine that with the eye-catching "Everose Gold" exterior finish, then the Hamann Hawk is poised to strike some serious attention at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning