Ferrari F430 by Underground Racing
15/02/2011 00:47 - admin



Underground Racing is no stranger to tuning up high-powered supercars and making them even more, well, powerful. Sounds a little like going a tad too overboard, doesn?t it? But when it comes to pure speed and unadulterated power, there are just people that can?t have enough of it. Granted, there?s always a cap for what is considered fast and what is considered dangerous, but these guys seem to be able to walk that very thin line carefully without compromising safety.

Having said that, the US-based tuning firm?s take on the Ferrari F430 Spider is nothing short of remarkable. They may have left the exterior and interior untouched during the process, but with engine work as intricate and amazing as what they have done, who cares that they didn’t change the look? The F430 Spider is gorgeous as it is anyway.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning