Mercedes-Benz G-Class by Mansory
04/02/2011 00:10 - admin



Mansory is a tuner usual known for their impressive tuning packages for sports car models. But this time they turned their attention to a model a little bit more unusual, for them at least: the Mercedes G-Class. While there are no changes made under the hood, Mansory focused on improving the car’s ride comfort that ha always been a problem.

For that the tuner added a new suspension which is electronically adjustable from the cockpit, with two different characteristic shock absorber curves. After fitting, the shock absorbers can be readjusted from the interior of the car for use on tough terrain or for a comfortable drive on metaled roads. There are extra large gas reservoirs, made from high tensile hard anodized aluminum that ensure that the pressure remains constant even at operating temperatures of over 150 °C.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning