Video: Turner Motorsports builds BMW M3 E92 race car in two-minutes
30/01/2011 14:39 - admin

BMW M3 Rolex GT

Turner Motorsports knows a thing or two about building race cars so it shouldn?t come as a surprise to any of us that they were able to turn a BMW M3 into a yellow-and-blue racer all in a span of two minutes.

Wait?two minutes? That doesn?t sound right, does it?

Not unless you take into account the magic that is time-lapse video. This video, which was taken a few weeks leading up to the Rolex 24 earlier this month, shows the engineers and crew of Turner Motorsports masterfully turn this M3 E92 into a race-ready machine, complete with all the standard regulation parts as well as the colorful yellow and blue livery.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning