BMW 3-Series M-Sport MC Edition by Arkym
28/01/2011 03:45 - admin



Arkym has heard our cries and have brought forth yet another tuning kit for the BMW 3-series that doesn’t have us choking on last night’s dinner as did their AeroRace One. Fit for any 2010+ BMW 335is LCI, the M-Sport MC Edition package is just the right amount of sporty appeal without the head-scratching mods that appeared on that other model.

Typically when we come across a beautiful rendition of a car, we assume that the idea behind it was thought up by a man, since the auto industry is chock full of testosterone. This car, however, was the brain child of Maureen Chen, a woman who wanted to stand in front of her own car and not stand to the side of someone else’s ride in a scantily clad bikini.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning