Chevrolet Camaro SS by FELGE
25/01/2011 01:31 - admin



Our world never seems to run out of tuned-up Chevrolet Camaros, does it? Not that we?re complaining because we totally dig all the aftermarket projects being done on Bumblebee since it was launched a few years ago. The list of choices gets longer every few weeks so it hardly seems surprising that we’re back here again with another option that Camaro-loving freaks should pay close attention to.

German aftermarket company, FELGE, is responsible for this black piece of muscle-bound awesomeness. Working on a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS, FELGE went out and gave it a nice performance upgrade to go along with the sick-as-always matte black exterior finish[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning