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Audi S4 Avant by Sportec
Date 16/09/2009 22:01  Author admin  Hits 4711  Language Global

Audi S4 by Sportec
An Audi S4 with its 333 compressor-PS is no mean thing on its own but the Swiss tuner thinks
differently and by applying specific techniques has pushed the vehicle from Ingolstadt way over the 400 PS mark.
A newly programmed engine control and the installation of a sports air filter coaxes a full 425 PS instead of the standard 333 PS from the three litre V6 compressor. The maximum torque has also been distinctly increased by improving the electronics. Instead of 440 a maximum 520 Nm can now be called upon. A plus factor that is noticeable in the driving dynamics. Whereas the standard Audi S4 needed 5,6 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h the Sportec RS425 only needs 5,2 seconds. At top speeds, though, they are equal as both vehicles are electronically blocked at 250 km/h.
However Sportec is not content with solely an upgrade. A special sports silencer with four end pipes - two pairs on either side right and left - provide a more sporty sound. A braking system on the front axles enlarged to 380 millimetres ensures improved braking power. On the other hand chassis clearance has been reduced as Sportec has fitted the Audi with a suspension kit shortened by a progressive 25 millimetres.
In addition the Sportec RS425 is fitted with 9 x 20 inch large lightweight metal rims surrounded by 245/30 tyres. The Audi S4's new look is rounded off with a diffuser at the rear and a spoiler at the front, both of which are made of carbon.

 Audi S4 by Sportec Audi S4 by Sportec
Audi S4 by Sportec Audi S4 by Sportec
Audi S4 by Sportec Audi S4 by Sportec
Audi S4 by Sportec Audi S4 by Sportec
Audi S4 by Sportec Audi S4 by Sportec
Audi S4 by Sportec Audi S4 by Sportec
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