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Icon Home > News > News > Photo Shoot: 550i BMW 5-Series on Forgiato Wheels
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Photo Shoot: 550i BMW 5-Series on Forgiato Wheels
Date 31/05/2012 19:07  Author admin  Hits 1035  Language Global
BMW 5-Series on Forgiato WheelsThere used to be a time when boring executives would buy the 5-Series diesel, the top businessmen a 550i and Russian mobsters would get the M5... for their family run. Now though, the lines between the models are blurred, and there is no other reason to buy the M5 other than to have fun, as the diesels are more than powerful enough, and the top V8, the 550i is a screamer. This satin white demon is just such a ca... [...]

Source: autoevolution
Tags 5-Series 550i BMW Forgiato Wheels
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