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BMW MH5 S-Biturbo by Manhart Racing
Date 13/04/2012 02:03  Author admin  Hits 1268  Language Global
BMW MH5 S-Biturbo by Manhart Racing

With 560 HP, the new BMW M5 is nothing short of a hit among tuners from all over the world: some want to make it look even more aggressive and others want to improve upon the already impressive performance numbers. The latest tuning package comes from Manhart Racing, who hope to prove that, when combined with the appropriate updates, the BMW M5’s standard 560 HP is more of a joke than a serious power offering.

The BMW M5’s standard 4.4 liter V8-Biturbo engine has been given a series of modifications on its turbochargers, downpipes, and exhaust-gas system. As a result, the output has been increased to 633 HP and 575 lb-ft of torque. If that’s not enough, the tuner has promised that the next step will be achieving 670 HP.

The package also includes a flap-controlled sports-exhaust-gas system made of high-grade steel with four diagonally placed 90 mm exhaust pipe-ends, a new sport coilover kit, and the obligatory new set of 21" wheels.[...]

Source: topspeed
Tags BMW Manhart Racing MH5 S-Biturbo
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