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McLaren MP4-12C Becomes Gemballa GT in Geneva
Date 06/03/2012 23:58  Author admin  Hits 1035  Language Global
McLaren MP4-12C by GemballaIf you own a McLaren MP4-12C and want to make your supercar a bit more aggressive in terms of appearance, you could turn to a company that you wouldn't have expected to play with such a car.

We are talking about German aftermaket developer Gemballa, a company that built its reputation on tuning Porsche vehicles. The MP4-12C has now been renamed, using the Gemballa GT designation. The vehicle has been fitted with an aerodynamic package that, fortunately, doesn't take things too far, including ... [...]

Source: autoevolution
Tags  Gemballa McLaren MP4-12C
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