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Lamborghini Aventador Gets Renm Performance Tuning Kit
Date 07/02/2012 14:43  Author admin  Hits 1082  Language Global
Lamborghini Aventador by Renm PerformanceThe Lamborghini Aventador has recently received a new tuning package (just a preview for now) from Renm Performance, with the package targeting the tech, exterior and interior of the supercar.

The V12 engine gets a new air intake, a custom exhaust system that uses materials like inconel or titanium (customers can choose between a road and a race specification), as well as an ECU remap, with all these tech goodies increasing the power by up to 10 percent (the stock value sits at 700 hp).[...]

Source: autoevolution
Tags 700hp Aventador Lamborghini Renm Performance tuning kit
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