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Project Kahn Targets the Range Rover Evoque
Date 02/12/2011 11:46  Author admin  Hits 1311  Language Global
Project Kahn Range Rover EvoqueSomehow, the Italian kind of missed the whole point with their Evoque tuning project that we just showed you, but their hearts were in the right place when they gave it 300 horsepower. However, Project Kahn know a thing or two about making the coolest Range Rover possible, a fact proven in the past by their Cosworth-engined baby off-raoder.

Now, they've come up something a bit more classy, and we have to say that the three-door version, with it's lower roof, rides perfectly on their RS600 whe... [...]

Source: autoevolution
Tags Evoque Project Kahn Range Rover
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