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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT600 by Vilner
Date 06/08/2011 03:03  Author admin  Hits 1844  Language Global
Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT600 by Vilner

Ah yes, red...the color of love. Or if you just happen to fancy Bulgarian tuning at its finest, the color of Vilner’s latest project for the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT600. We’ve been fans of Vilner for quite some time now so a lot of the things they do really don’t surprise us anymore. But this one really took us for a loop, simply because they managed to turn a Hennessey-prepped Grand Cherokee into a visual concoction of bloodshot madness.

If you recall, this isn’t Vilner’s first take on the Grand Cherokee SRT600, having previously worked on the SUV last year, but that one certainly pales in comparison to this one. What makes this particular project stand out - for better or worse - is the extensive work done on the car’s aesthetics, especially on the interior. Apart from the new headlamps and new LED daytime running lights, the exterior of the Grand Cherokee was left unchanged by Vilner compared to their last project, but the interior is another matter entirely. One look at it and your attention immediately is drawn to the red and black Alcantara that’s complemented with black leather and red stitching. On top of that, there’s a new flat-bottom steering wheel that can be customized to the whims of the owner.[...]

Source: topspeed
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