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Video: Steve Meade Designs has one crazy custom car audio system
Date 10/04/2011 06:59  Author admin  Hits 2022  Language Global

At some point there should be a line that people should refrain from crossing, especially if it’s dangerous to their health, or in this case, their ear drums.

Apparently, Steve Meade Designs is a custom car audio shop that?s definitely not for the weak of heart. Unless you want to wear hearing aids for the rest of your life, then you probably should stay away from this audio madness.

The custom audio shop released a couple of videos featuring Steve Meade?s very own 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe, except that this is unlike any Tahoe you?ve ever seen before, thanks in large part to the four 18? subwoofers in the back and complemented by 13 amps, 10 6.5? mid speakers, and 10 1? tweeners.

All that bass in one trunk is tantamount to audio suicide, and as Meade demonstrates himself, even a thick phone book is no match.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning
Tags car audio car audio system HiFi Steve Meade video
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