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SportChassis P4XL gives Hummer lovers an alternative
Date 15/03/2011 16:59  Author admin  Hits 1958  Language Global



We’ve seen so many cars with numerous tuning programs these days that it’s becoming really tough to figure out which ones best suit our tastes. But if you happen to be looking in the market for a luxurious sports utility vehicle that clearly has a name and identity all its own, then look no further than the SportChassis’ P4XL.

An intimidating exterior look belies the luxurious interior that it comes with; the P4XL is the personification of a rugged luxury, all built in one powerful package.

But power, so people say, also has its share of drawbacks, and the P4XL is no exception. The utility vehicle is powered by an 8.3-liter diesel engine that produces 330 horsepower and 1,000 lb/ft of torque, making it a nightmare for advocates of eco-friendly vehicles. If you’re not one of them, though, and you enjoy the metal-twisting power of what 1,000 lbs per feet of torque gives you, then give SportChassis a ring and they’ll hook you up with this beast on four wheels.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning
Tags Hummer P4XL SportChassis
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