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Lotus Exige Carbon Fiber by Tecnocraft
Date 10/02/2011 18:33  Author admin  Hits 1497  Language Global



With the growing number of Ferraris and Lamborghinis cruising their way through our streets, it’s refreshing to see a Lotus taking its worthy turn at showing off. It’s even better when this particular Lotus has taken part in a little tuning project of its own. Tecnocraft has taken a couple of Lotus models, including the Exige and the Elise, and has molded and shaped a good amount of carbon fiber for a product worthy of a little attention.

No official details have been given on the final product just yet, but these pictures show a classy combination of yellow and black for the exterior and the interior of the sports car. Considering carbon fiber was the way to go for these Lotus models, we imagine that a weight reduction is definitely in order. Just how much weight has been schlepped off is anyone’s guess at this point.[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning
Tags Carbon Fiber Exige Lotus Tecnocraft
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