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Mercedes S600 by Speedriven
Date 06/01/2011 18:36  Author admin  Hits 1601  Language Global
Mercedes S600 by Speedriven

Tuning firm, Speedriven, prefers to leave the flashiness to other tuning firms because that?s just not what they?re about. Instead of the LEDs, the gargantuan rims, and the flamboyant body kits, these fellas are all about fine-tuning engines. What?s important to these guys isn?t so much the aesthetics on the car, but what lies underneath the hood.

Armed with that philosophy, the tuning company has announced their latest project: an engine upgrade for the Mercedes S600. Already packing a V12 engine with 510 horsepower on its own, Speedriven went out of its way to give the Merc a performance package for the ages. Among the additions include a polished set of Speedriven’s top-mounted water-to-air intercoolers, ?scorpion? air intakes, K&N cone filters, and the company?s ECU software to manage the extra air density and extra boost.

Source: topspeed
Tags Mercedes S600 Speedriven
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