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Ultimated Luxury Wheels Collection



Monet Wheels Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality 1 piece Luxury Alloys for the European automotive and SUV market, specializing in BMW and Mercedes Benz and Audi applications. We offer 18”, 19” and 20” staggered fit applications and many finish choices to choose from. We pride ourselves in our commitment to precise fitments for total customer satisfaction. We have custom made billet hub centric spacers, extended length lug bolts and hub rings where applicable. This way we can ensure you get precisely what is needed for each vehicle fitment.

Motegi Racing  
Motegi Racing

Motegi Racing performance wheels bring the racetrack to the street. We offer the styles, finishes and sizes that best upgrade the look of your high performance vehicle.




New Rayton  
  New Rayton

NEW RAYTON Wheels & Car Goods



Committed to producing only the highest quality alloy chrome wheels in sizes 18, 20, 22,23, 24, 26, and 28 inches, Oasis Luxury Alloys is driven to manufacture the best wheels the world has ever seen. From conceptual design to final rim construction in Forged, Cast Aluminum, or Multi-piece, Oasis Luxury has no equal.
Need a set of custom wheels, designed specifically for you? Check out Oasis custom for specialty fitments and custom wheels design.


Atlantic Wholesalers Inc. provides two lines of high tech chrome wheels: DVS Road Wheels and Omega Luxury Wheels. DVS Road Wheels and Omega Luxury Wheels both have inspirational thought impacted into our designs, which help keep our wheels creative and innovative.
Both DVS Road Wheels and Omega Luxury Wheels are chrome plated with the most recent advancements in plating technology, which enables us to produce the highest quality wheels in the automotive industry. Today you can see our unique wheel designs in such magazines as European, Automobile, Low Rider, Trucking, DUB, Plush and many more.



OZ Racing  
      OZ Racing

Inside the excellence since 1971


Panasport Wheels

Panasport drivers are performance driving enthusiasts. They are looking for more than just a fashion accessory for their cars. Many of our loyal customers are also quite knowledgeable about what properties a true performance wheel must possess. And it\s more than just the classic, racing style... It's more than just light weight and balance... It's more than just the highest standards for materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. It takes all of thiese qualities, engineered into the Panasport formula, to produce the Performance Driver's Wheel.

PIAA Wheels

High performance wheels


Pneus Online - Complete Wheels  

Online sale of quality complete wheels, tyres pack for passenger's vehicle,4x4 and SUV. You will find only new wheels in alloy rims or steel rims for the summer, as well as for the winter. With Pneus Online you can easily fit the Prefitted tyres, inflated and balanced wheels directly.


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