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30/07/2015 23:18 Comments 0 Comments
You might want to turn up the volume on your speakers or headphones to hear all those delicious sounds coming from Hennessey's 800hp strong Corvette Z06 tune.[...]

29/07/2015 19:04 Comments 0 Comments
The Alfa Romeo 4C is a very left field proposition for those looking to buy a Porsche Cayman, but it does have its very own unique pull. It's not as solid feeling as the Porsche, but that's understandable and down to its extremely low weight and construction technique.[...]
29/07/2015 03:56 Comments 0 Comments
It's easy to feel your knees weaken at the sight of a heavily tuned Nissan GT-R R35. Even those who don't like it (for whichever reason) still tend to respect it for what it can do.[...]

25/07/2015 03:38 Comments 0 Comments
We've seen countless of tuners trying to make BMW's M-spec 4 Series coupe look meaner and more aggressive, but this particular attempt takes the grand prize. [...]

23/07/2015 05:10 Comments 0 Comments
Why don't non-premium car manufacturers build mid to full-size Coupe-ish SUVs? People obviously appreciate their looks (generally speaking), whereas those that don't, are free to keep buying VW Golfs.[...]

23/07/2015 01:04 Comments 0 Comments
Few cars can match the value of a used C6 Corvette Z06 as this tuned example so strongly demonstrates.[...]

22/07/2015 20:02 Comments 0 Comments
The Brabus Rocket 900 is the most powerful vehicle modified by the German tuner.

Based on the Mercedes-AMG S65, the Brabus version squeezes 900PS (888hp) from the production model?s 6.0-liter V12 biturbo. That?s a dramatic upgrade from the stock S65?s 630PS (621hp).[...]
19/07/2015 19:14 Comments 0 Comments
With British tuning & engineering firm TDI-Tuning becoming more popular, Jaguar-driving customers have knocked on their door more frequently as of late.[...]

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