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01/10/2014 09:11 Comments 0 Comments


It's been a while since we last heard from Wheelsandmore. Actually, it?s been too long. But the German tuner knows how to make a comeback. Each and every time Wheelsandmore builds a program, you can count on it being comprehensive. The only thing different about this program is that it?s not limited to just one unit, but three; three Ferraris, to be exact.

The Ferrari F12berlinetta, the Ferrari FF, and the Ferrari California are all part of the tuner’s new "La Famiglia" program and all received the same tender, love, and care from Wheelsandmore, the kind that we?ve all come to know from the German company. Each Ferrari received a new set of wheels, obviously, and modest performance gains.

A handful of cosmetic upgrades were also given to the three Ferraris, although you?d be hard-pressed to notice them outside of the traditional Wheelsandmore decal that runs along the length of each Ferrari.ш...щ

01/10/2014 09:11 Comments 0 Comments


We’ve always known Vilner to be an off-key tuner that specializes in dressing up interiors. Apparently, it?s also a fan of Star Wars, which may or not be surprising depending on your allegiance to the movie franchise. The Bulgarian tuner is such a fan that it decided to get an early start on Episode 7 promotions by giving the BMW M6 Convertible a Stormtrooper treatment.

Before Star Wars junkies get too excited, the program is actually a one-off, build specifically for one customer who offered his last-generation M6 to receive the aftermarket program. In other words, it?s a unique project that will be sold on a limited number. No more than 10 cars, according to Vilner.

The BMW Stormtrooper is actually the second project Vilner has made of this dramatic scale. Remember last year, when the company introduced the Bullshark? Seems like a long time ago, right?[...]

01/10/2014 09:11 Comments 0 Comments


You have to give it to the Scion xB. I can?t think of another car deserving to be euthanized more than the xB. It?s lived past its life, so much so that its quirky competitors — the Nissan Cube and the Honda Element — have all gone the wayside. Yet the xB remains and somehow, it?s even making yearly pilgrimages to the SEMA Auto Show.

This year, the xB rides into the biggest aftermarket auto show in the world, heavily customized with the vibe of the 70s, mixed with splashes of rock ?n? roll, and skateboarding. Those three things are passions of pro skateboarder Riley Hawk who lent his name in the creation of the Scion x Riley Hawk Skate Tour xB.

The build is still ongoing and is led by Scott Kanemura of KMA Productions. So far, these rough sketches are the only things we have to show you as far as visual evidence of the car?s existence is concerned. I?m personally interested to see how this build turns out, not because I?m a fan of the xB, but because I want to see how much customization goes into turning the xB into a respectable ride.?[...]

01/10/2014 09:11 Comments 0 Comments


Novitec Spofec pushed the Rolls-Royce

The Rolls-Royce Ghost usually isn?t the type of vehicle Novitec turns its attention to. It?s not a Ferrari; it?s not a Maserati; and last I checked, it?s not a Lamborghini either. But the Novitec Group now has a new tuning arm devoted exclusively to Rolls-Royce models. This new tuning arm is called Novitec Sporfec, which shouldn?t be confused with Novitec Rosso (Ferrari), Novitec Tridente (Maserati), and Novitec Torado (Lamborghini). It?s relatively new compared to the others, so it?s easy to see why some people were surprised to see this Rolls-Royce Ghost program.

Admittedly, I was one of those people but once my own surprise wore off, I looked a little closer at the new Ghost program and realized that Novitec Sporfec isn?t all that different from its brothers. For one, it goes to great lengths to develop in-house technology for its programs. It also uses these advancements to develop unique programs that provides across-the-board improvements on the vehicles it works on.[...]

01/10/2014 09:11 Comments 0 Comments


The BMW M4 is getting a lot of publicity these days. And the number of aftermarket companies that have come out of the woodwork to build programs for the new sports coupe are certainly helping build upon its popularity. Some programs are more comprehensive than others, but the point is simple; the M4 is getting a lot of love. Vorsteiner?s the latest company to take a stab at the M4. The German tuner didn?t build a kit that?s as complete as its contemporaries, but it did manage to effectively create one that improves the car?s credentials.

For this particular kit, Vorsteiner decided to add a GTS front spoiler, a GTS rear diffuser, and a set of exhaust tips. There are some graphics mixed in, too, specifically the subtle racing stripe that runs the length of the hood.

The entire program is subtle, so there’s no reason to make it more than what it is. I won’t even be surprised if this kit is just the first stage of a more elaborate program in the near future. Vorsteiner’s done something like that in the past and maybe it’s going to do it again.[...]

26/09/2014 13:09 Comments 0 Comments
Leave it to foil wrapping firms to come up with flamboyant colors like the "Matt Caribbean Metallic" used here on a slammed VW Scirocco R.[...]
26/09/2014 13:09 Comments 0 Comments
 When talking about tuning, Korean design is often overlooked, purely because their Japanese counterparts have been doing it for far longer. However, both Kia and Hyundai now make aggressive-looking sports models and this is reflected in the aftermarket scene, at least domestically. We've recently stumbled upon something called "LED tuning" taking the land of the Gangnam Style by storm. Using the latest generation o... [...]

26/09/2014 13:09 Comments 0 Comments


ABT Sportsline has made a career developing programs for Audi vehicles. To this day, the German manufacturer continues to do that, none more recent than its work on the Audi A5 Sportback. The whole program is called the AS5 Sportback Dark and as you?d expect, the name alone implies that ABT Sportsline did something a little sinister to the A5.

While it would have been cool, if not downright bizarre, to say that the German tuner invoked some form of the Dark Arts to create this program, the truth is a lot simpler than that. The AS5 Sportback Dark is called such because it?s exterior is wrapped in black.

This A5 is nothing too elaborate and definitely nothing out of the ordinary, but judging the program simply because of its simplicity doesn?t do justice to the meticulous work the German tuner put into it.[...]

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