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05/07/2015 23:03 Comments 0 Comments

Mansory is the kind of tuner that has the resources to do outstanding looking things. But sometimes it chooses not to.
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03/07/2015 01:55 Comments 0 Comments
If you're looking for an automotive-themed mobile game that doesn't involve racing or any kind of depth, then 3D Tuning is definitely for you. It's even more passive an experience than Car and Truck Mechanic Simulators.[...]

03/07/2015 00:55 Comments 0 Comments
It was only a matter of time before several tuning companies start to bring out new accessories for Audi's new SUV, with ABT being one of the first to offer a complete body kit for the Q7.[...]

02/07/2015 21:55 Comments 0 Comments
We don't know if you've noticed this, but Japan has lost a supercar, the LFA. Sure, it had the engine in the front and cost a small fortune, but it was special. In its place, we were given a new type of vehicle, extremely stylish but not technologically advanced. Despite harsh criticism every time a new car is launched, Lexus is now the company to beat in the American luxury market. Not surprisingly, the RC F (or RCF, as everybo... [...]
01/07/2015 14:29 Comments 0 Comments
If you're a Land Rover enthusiast you've probably heard of Twisted, a UK-based tuning company that adds muscle and looks to the Defender off-roader.[...]

01/07/2015 04:24 Comments 0 Comments
It may be made in China, but this Maserati Ghibli looks ferociously good. Truth be told, not anyone can make a Ghibli look madder than it already is, but ASPEC ? a Chinese tuning house ? pulled it off. [...]

29/06/2015 02:48 Comments 0 Comments
Some may argue that the 4C comes with an engine which simply isn?t on the same wavelength with the car?s appearance. A mid-engine Alfa powered by a 1742 cc 4-banger? [...]

27/06/2015 04:14 Comments 0 Comments
As a general rule, it's very hard to outrun a 700 PS supercar that also comes with all-wheel drive and can hit the 100 km/h (62 mph) mark in just 2.9 seconds.[...]

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The World's First 2009 Widebody Dodge Challenger
Alfa Romeo 156 by Cadamuro Design
Import car show in Tokyo Japan 2008
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